Businessmen didn’t discuss paying money to Guan Eng, MACC officer tells court

A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official told the meetings court in Lim Guan Eng’s Penang undersea passage defilement preliminary that two finance managers connected to the task didn’t examine anything in their WhatsApp discussions about making installments to the previous boss priest.

Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Yusof, who works in MACC’s criminological office, said that he led legal examination on finance manager G Gnanaraja’s handphone keep going year, especially on Gnanaraja’s discussions with Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd ranking executive Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli among August and September 2017.”I looked through the discussion and I didn’t see them having an intention to ‘get’ (kenakan) Lim Guan Eng or notice about offering cash to him.

“There was just a notice of ‘chocolate’. Zarul told Gnanaraja: ‘Magnificent, sir. I will bring your chocolate’,” he said, perusing the WhatsApp message.Firdaus said he got a solicitation from the case exploring official to examine Gnanaraja’s handphone messages.

The observer likewise said Zarul messaged Gnanaraja, griping that then, at that point, leader Najib Razak and previous pastor Abdul Rahman Dahlan, were “whacking” his passage project.

The RM6.3 billion venture, which was acquired by Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd, comprised of an undersea passage and three streets. It was mooted by the state government to ease the gridlock in Penang and on its scaffold with the central area.

Firdaus additionally advised the court that Zarul needed to carry Lim to meet Gnanaraja at Gnanaraja’s home on Aug 28, 2017.

Already, the court had heard declaration from Gnanaraja’s significant other, K Geethanjali, that Lim and Zarul visited her home late at night.Previously, the court had heard declaration from Gnanaraja’s better half, K Geethanjali, that Lim and Zarul visited her home late around evening time.

During questioning, Lim’s attorney Gobind Singh Deo inquired as to whether the WhatsApp substance showed Zarul and Gnanaraja were dearest companions. Firdaus replied in the confirmed.

Firdaus read out a message by Gnanaraja saying, “I love you Dato. You are continually at the forefront of my thoughts. I’ll polish off any individual who upsets you, Dato”.

“Zarul answered to Gnanaraja and said he was thankful and ‘will make you a star’.”

Gobind: Did you realize that Gnanaraja was charged in court for supposedly tricking Zarul?

Firdaus: I am not mindful.

Gnanaraja had on April 3, 2019 asserted preliminary at the Shah Alam meetings court to three charges of swindling Zarul of RM19 million, where it was said that Gnanaraja misled Zarul into accepting that he could help the last close MACC examinations concerning him.

Gobind then, at that point, addressed Firdaus on the photos that Zarul shipped off Gnanaraja at 3.15am on Aug 29, 2017 and inquired as to whether he had the option to affirm the model of the gadget used to take these photos and at what time they were taken.

“I can’t affirm,” Firdaus said.

The meeting proceeds from Nov 1 to 5 under the steady gaze of judge Azura Alwi. Representative public examiner Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin told the court that previous clergyman Nazri Aziz is planned to affirm on Nov 5, which is one day after Deepavali.

“He disclosed to us he is just accessible that day,” he added.

Lim is blamed for utilizing his situation as then, at that point, Penang boss priest to request Zarul for a 10% cut from the benefits from the streets and-passage project.

The previous money serve is additionally blamed for looking for RM3.3 million in payoffs to name Zarul’s organization to attempt the undertaking.

Lim additionally faces two counts of insincerely abusing RM208.7 million worth of state land given to two organizations.

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