Still no action on insurance claim months after damage due to floods

Kunachandran Kanasakaram got substantially more than he expected when he chose to go to a shopping center in Kelana Jaya in Petaling Jaya on May 5 with his family.

What should be a normal outing from his home in Sunway to get a few staple goods and get some supper ended up being a “debacle” for the 35-year-old assembling director when his Honda Civic stalled out in floodwaters while he was out and about.

The floods gravely destroyed his motor, and Kunachandran – whose vehicle was not guaranteed against floods – is holding the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) at risk as it didn’t station its work force, or spot billboards, to make drivers aware of the flood.

Frustratingly for Kunachandran, the adjustors delegated by MBPJ’s protection specialist to evaluate the harm to his motor presently can’t seem to present the case to the merchant – this regardless of the episode requiring over 140 days prior.

Exacerbating the situation for the dad of two, he needed to keep adjusting his vehicle advance regardless of not having the option to utilize it. He at present gets around with the utilization of a relative’s vehicle, for which he is additionally balance the month to month advance reimbursements.

“I needed to get a few basic foods and get some family things… yet the entirety of my arrangements fell as a result of a surprising catastrophe,” he told FMT.

“I have been following up intimately with the going to agent on my case, and truth be told, I am disappointed with the manner in which my case is being taken care of by this changing organization.”

Expressing that the gathering has an obligation to guarantee that the public framework in Petaling Jaya is ok for public use, he said the deficiency of his vehicle has incredibly upset his day by day schedule.

“This is simply because of MBPJ’s carelessness,” he said.

Kunachandran likewise said the adjustors designated by MBPJ’s protection specialist have been stonewalling him and have wouldn’t give him a timetable to finish their discoveries, this notwithstanding him having effectively presented every one of the important records, photos, and specialized reports.

“I feel as though they are focusing on my case and being preposterous with their solicitation for archives. They likewise don’t outfit sensible solutions to my solicitations for explanations and are deliberately postponing the case,” he said.

“I’m currently at an impasse and need to carry this to the public’s consideration. These companies think they are powerful, and I believe I am by all account not the only one being defrauded by them.”

The adjustors declined to remark for the story, expressing that all data identified with Kunachandran’s case was “private and classified”.

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